“I seek to capture the unexpected - moments that are creative and distinctly different from the rest!”


Meet Grace…

Grace Elizabeth’s passion for photography first bloomed from her love of travel - in capturing the everyday of different people, places and cultures. 

With a background in International and Middle Eastern studies, coupled with journalism and photography - Grace has journeyed to remote locations to capture and write about subjects close to her heart - in particular human rights and women’s issues. 

Now based in Brisbane, shooting imagery for local and national businesses, entrepreneurs, fashion brands and media - Grace enjoys working with a wide range of subjects - producing fresh, vibrant and innovative campaign photography. 

Grace developed her subscription packages for businesses to take the guesswork out of sourcing high quality images for recurring digital and social media marketing purposes. 

Follow Grace’s journey and the incredible people she meets through The G Journal - her online blog with sneak peeks at behind the scenes, business advice and interviews with powerhouse women and entrepreneurs. 

For photography, campaign shoots or to collaborate be sure to drop Grace a line..